This is a prototyping project facing the question, how simple information can be transferred from one person to another, using analog in- and outputs.


The language for communication is a set of emojis. By combining them, messages can be formed to transfer somewhat complex information. This effect grows stronger, the more sender and receiver communicate, because an own language code emerges over time.

emoji language


The user chooses up to 3 emojis from a deck of cards. When put onto the device's card slots, it reads the codes from the back of the cards and sends the data to its counterpart.

Once the second device receives a message from the first user, its three split-flap displays turn into position, to display the desired emojis.



After we settled on our user interface, we designed the device as a 3D model, to ensure, that all our parts will fit together. The chassis and display flips were cut by a LASER, while 3D printing was utilized for other components. The cards were cut from paper.

We designed the electronics and code, to read out our cards, transmit the data and turn the displays into the right positions. Because the data is transmitted with MQTT, the device can easily be connected to other endpoints, like chat apps as well.

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